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Posted on December 3, 2012 by Vivi in EXPAT

It all started at a yoga retreat.  Nikki, a young expat hailing from Atlanta, GA signed up for a yoga retreat with Buena Onda Yoga.  She spent the weekend meditating and journaling, and with her mind silenced, an idea came to her.  Buenos Aires was in need for some great granola, and Nikki was up for the challenge.

Unsatisfied with the sugary granola options available in local dieteticas, which are full of fillers, Nikki set out to to create a wholesome granola with no space fillers and natural integrity.   She brainstormed recipes and ran all over the city to source the best ingredients at the best prices.

This granola is pure, tasty wholesome goodness.  The whole grains are toasted and nutty, crumbly and chewy and a little bit salty.  Nikki brainstormed and worked on perfecting her recipe.  Many of the ingredients she would like to include in her granola were almost impossible to find.  This granola is divine served over fresh fruit with tart yogurt.

The granola’s integrity is obvious, from its toasted grains right down to the chilean sea salt that seasons it.  It is sweetened with organic honey, and she hand roasts the peanuts, herself.  Nikki is believer healthy eating, but her drive doesn’t stop there.  She runs her business with a social mission.

Nikki is active in the Rotary Club and advocates for organic farming methods and Fair Trade social development through her work at Interrupcion, a social enterprise working in the domain of fruit exports from Latin America to the U.S., Europe and Asia.  Social enterprise is the marriage of for-profit and non-profit commerce models; for example, a nonprofit organization that uses its profits from a relevant side business to fuel its social programs, or a for-profit company with a social mission at the core of its business activities.

Rather than hold itself accountable solely to shareholders, a social enterprise reports to a “triple bottom line”: people, planet and profits. Business activities and profits are tools to improve the world through community development, worker empowerment and environmental sustainability. Rather than focus exclusively on profit maximization, social enterprises work to build self-fueling and fully sustainable projects.  Nikki embraces this business model that promotes generosity, sharing and connecting.

Talk about some feel-good granola!

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