Princess Treats at La Reina Dulce

Posted on March 17, 2012 by Vivi in DESSERT, RESTAURANTS

After a grueling workout in the park, Amelia (Check her amazing work out HERE) and I went for a girly coffee date on the charming Soho sidewalk seating of Reina Dulce (Sweet Queen), a place I walk by almost daily, and have always wanted to try.  It did not disappoint!

Brace yourselves North-westerners – Reina Dulce has Oregon Chai!  When I saw that, I had no choice but to order it.  I went to college in Oregon, and yes, I drank Oregon Chai when I was there.  Good stuff.  A raspberry muffin completed the deal!  Amelia had some deliciously beautiful mocha concoction.  All of the coffee drinks sounded delicious!

Just look at all the goodies on display:

Who eats this stuff?  This place was totally girly and I almost never see Argentine women eating junk food, yet there seems to be an enormous market for speciality baked goods in Buenos Aires.  How cute is this little corner cafe?  We sat outside, but I loved their decor!

See it for yourself!

La Reina Dulce

Armenia 1998


Sugary indulgences were not our primary excuse for meeting up – we were discussing the One Year Anniversary of Day Clicker Photo Tours!

I am pleased to invite all of my readers to The Day Clicker Photo Exhibit, this coming Thursday at 8pm at The Office!  Join us for a night of street photography, live music and a gathering of the international community at The Office – which will be sorely missed when it closes its doors at the end of the month!

RSVP to the Event and come join us for a fun evening!

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  1. Baked wonders such as those pictured are NOT junk food!!
    Put that on my “to go to” list ~


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