Homesick for The Green Green Grass of Home

Posted on February 19, 2012 by Vivi in MUSIC & VIDEOS

I’m no stranger to homesickness.

When I was a kid I always had a hard time at sleepovers and Girl Scout camping trips.  I would lie awake, unable to sleep, missing my home, my family and my bed.

I suppose I’ve come along way, but I still do feel homesick, on occasion.  I don’t lose sleep, and I rarely cry.  Instead I feel an uneasy pang of overwhelming nostalgia in the pit of my stomach.  My arms feel weak and my heartbeat races and I am possessed by a desire for a latte.

It isn’t the caffeine that I’m craving – they have coffee here – it’s the coffee shop experience.  I am certain my avid homesickness is so potent that I could kill a man just to sip an eggnog chai tea latte, tucked away in a Seattle coffee shop corner.

My homesick daydreams carry me far away, and suddenly I’m driving down I-84 on a cold and sunny day.  I feel my tires making contact with the road while I sing along to the radio.  I remember all of the long road trips, where we were serenaded for long hours by the classic country AM radio station.  My heart aches for the moments I miss the most, although they were the least significant at the time.

Caffeinated comfort and the AM car radio are miles and miles away, but at least I have some oldies to soothe me.  Should one ever be in the mood to indulge in homesick blues, there is no better companion than classic country.  Here is my playlist:

Glen Campbell is always Gentle On My Mind

Sing it, Patsy Cline, and I Fall To Pieces

Willie Nelson, Always On My Mind

Make The World Go Away, Eddie Arnold

Stand By Your Man, Tammy Wynette

And just one more by Patsy, because she that voice is incredible.  She’s Got You.


  1. I never had to go back that far to feel homesick….and you are much younger than me….are you homesick? The green green grass of home…yes….we all miss that.

  2. Thanks for the memories….it was awesome listening to the music….great choices♥


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