Carlos Keen and Los Girasoles: Escape From the City to this Foodie Destination

Posted on February 1, 2012 by Vivi in VISIT BUENOS AIRES

Far out from the hot cement city, across the flat campo and a little past the unusual landmark Cathedral of Lujan is Carlos Keen a small country town home to  organic farm, restaurant, orphanage and slow food destination: Los Girasoles.

Los Girasoles is a part of Fundacion Camino Abierto.  Reminiscent of sustainable cult communes, the occupants of this small farm live together, study art and music, operate an organic farm which supplies their on-site restaurant and homemade products which they sell.  The beautiful compound gives visitors a little glimpse of country paradise.  The restaurant is a popular weekend destination, and lodging is available for visitors who wish to spend the weekend, enjoying the farm, the property and the pool.

The on-site restaurant has to be the ultimate slow food destination.  All food is prepared on site from what is raised on the farm by the residents who run the establishment. The menu changes seasonally.

I was lucky to go with a large group so we had the chance to see almost all of the menu offerings. We started with beautiful hors d’oeuvres of homemade breads, pickled beets, marinated tomatoes, fresh pesto and a chicken salad.

Fresh-out-of-the-oven empanadas de carne were next up.

We nibbled on fresh salad from the garden.

Chicken with a seedy polenta cake with red slaw:

Braised pork bondiola with sweet potatoes and a sweet glaze:

Rabbit with stewed vegetables:

Handmade spinach gnocchi with tomato sauce and cream.

And then! Dessert!  Flan with dulce de leche:

Trio of homemade ice creams with chocolate sauce and coconut flakes:

Bread pudding with dulce de leche and cream:

Frozen chocolate mousse with strawberry ice cream, chocolate sauce and coconut flakes:

After a long and leisurely lunch we wandered the pastoral-esque scenery of the property.

A short walk away we found the old time railway station converts to a Sunday artisan fair, selling homemade goods like honey, alfajores and dulce de leche.

Bren contemplates an artisan alfajor:

Carlos Keen is a fantastic escape and retreat from the city, and Los Girasoles is a perfect restaurant.  Find more information here.


  1. Wow, this looks amazing! I so want to go!

  2. Aaahhhh those DESSERTS! You can’t show us deprived, U.S. border-locked humans pictures like that! Was there any urge to join the commune? Looks like a pretty nice existence out there. 🙂

  3. Haha I would have skipped everything and gone straight to dessert!!!

  4. Love this part of the province! glad you made it out there, I love the photos…totally brought me back to my trip back in December. Hope you’re well!

  5. Nice website!


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