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Remember when you learned to ride a bike?  Remember that feeling of euphoria?  Let this video of kid after his first successful bike ride remind you of the feeling:

I felt almost as enthusiastic to get back on a bike and spend my afternoon touring the city with Biking Buenos Aires.  College roommates Robin and Will started Biking Buenos Aires in early 2010, with four used bikes and an office headquartered in their living room.  Now they have expanded to a full fleet of classic blue cruisers, employ three charismatic, multilingual tour guides and offer four separate tours to cover the vast amount of things to see in BA.

Eco-Tourism is an expanding niche and Biking Buenos Aires offers visitors a chance to take in the urban landscape actively and efficiently.  Buenos Aires has almost no hills and 10 months of solid sunshine – could you ask for better biking conditions?

Traffic in BA is reputedly hectic and the streets quite dirty, but BBA promotes the two-wheel life style.  Could you imagine what a happy clean city Buenos Aires would be with more bikes and fewer cars?  Imagine fewer stressed drivers stuck in traffic, honking their horns and more cheerful ringing of bike bells, less black exhaust fuming into the air from old vehicles and more happy bikers enjoying sunshine and fresh air, fewer unhappy drivers stressed in traffic and more active bikers!  Compared to the average taxi drivers one might come into contact with, the cheerful team of BBA validates their argument that bikers are more relaxed, happier, less stressed people.  Bike tours are good for your soul, city air quality and humanity.

I had the chance to explore the Southern part of Buenos Aires as a faux-tourist on BBA’s Heart of the City Tour.  I visited new parts of the city that I’d never seen before, (La Boca) and revisited some old favorites (San Telmo) and greatly enjoyed the company of others on my tour and learned tons about the history and culture of this incredible, enormous city.

Here were some of the highlights from our afternoon group tour:

A beautiful monument commemorating friendship with Uruguay.

Tango dancers performing in the street.

The colorfully painted walls in La Boca.

Landmark street murals, for which Buenos Aires has become renowned.

The balcony from which Evita addressed her followers.  (Also the same one I imagine in my shower while I belt out: ‘Dont cry for me, Argentina!’)

The peaceful trail of the breezy ecological reserve.

Our knowledgeable guide Rodridgo served us some mate while we took in the sites of the Rio de la Plata.

La Puente de la Mujer, whose form was inspired by the city’s Tango traditions.

Delicious bondiola sandwiches from the kiosk grills on Costanera.

A little history lesson in Plaza de Mayo.

Pedimental sculpture at the Catedral Metroplitana.

A drumming troupe marching down Defensa Street.

Beautiful buildings in eclectic San Telmo.

The tour was extremely thorough and relaxed and we covered 18km and five neighborhoods.  After spending five hours on the bike, my butt was sore and I was convinced that the best way to see and explore a city is on two wheels!

This tour is not to be missed.  Biking Buenos Aires also puts on a street art bike tour to visit some of the great murals in the city.  Can’t wait to try that one!

Check Biking Buenos Aires out on their website, or email them at . 

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  1. I took a bike tour when I was in Bs As and it was one of the best ways to see the city! I loved exploring all the different neighbourhoods, and since it was a national holiday we didn’t have to worry about crazy traffic. 🙂


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