Cumple de Kris en Sarkis!

Posted on October 25, 2011 by Vivi in INTERNATIONAL BA, LUNCH, RESTAURANTS

My wonderful coworkers have made it a tradition to celebrate birthdays together over long lunches at our favorite middle-eastern restaurant in Buenos Aires – Sarkis!

This time it was Kris’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Kris!  We shared a variety of appetizers.


Dolmades – grape leaves stuffed with rice.

Olives and hummus.


And chocolate mousse in lieu of birthday cake.

My absolute favorite part of Sarkis is the creepy amount of photos of a certain unattractive man – presumably Sarki himself.  It is unclear if the photos are some sort of tribute to his memory or just a manifestation of vanity.  Not that those things are mutually exclusive.

Sarkis is a local favorite and pretty crowded at dinner time, but the perfect spot for lunch.


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  1. I’ve been looking for restaurant ideas for my Buenos Aires trip -this one will be on my list! Love Middle Eastern food , and also a bit curious to see those photos on the wall 😉

  2. Hello Vivi,

    Just came back from BA and wanted to share my experience…I guess I know now what you mean by “they are too strange” 🙂

    The food was tasty indeed, but our waiter was a little bit too strange to my taste: not sure if he was on drugs or if that was “his style”. He kept on interrupting our conversations with weird comments, confused the order, then tried to charge us for something we did not have and finally accused us for trying to cheat HIM with the bill! That’s a pity, because at the end, you remember not the food but the obnoxious waiter…

    • No way! What a bummer!! I haven’t had many weird waiters in Argentina – usually it’s so hard to get any of them to pay attention to you! Well I hope it was still a good experience!


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