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Posted on September 15, 2011 by Vivi in EXPAT

Have you ever failed miserably at ordering delivery?  I have.  For some reason trying to deal with a delivery restaurant is one of the most confidence-crushing, uncomfortable situations of life abroad.  Menus with constantly changing prices, unreliable delivery boys and trying to communicate with an impatient Spanish speaker on the phone make for an exasperating experience.  Necessity is the mother of invention and I wasn’t the only foreigner in need of a simpler solution.  Enter Buenos Aires Delivery.

I met up with Cori and Withers, co-founders of BADelivery, to get the back story of their website.  Inspired by the city’s penchant for delivery food, they came up with a way to make delivery options accessible and convenient to a wider audience, and solved the hungry extranjero’s delivery dilemma.

The project initiated with an active menu test site, with thirty-five restaurants participating.  Now, shortly after their one year anniversary, the site has almost two hundred restaurants to choose from and is planning on doubling that number in the upcoming months.  Beyond that, they’ve managed to provide the most noteworthy missing ingredient of the Argentine dining experience: customer service.

So how does it work?  It’s quite simple.

1.  Type in your address in the first column and select a category of cuisine in the second.  While we expats are vexed by the seemingly narrow selection of Argentine cuisine in general, BADelivery offers a wide variety of categories from ice cream to steak to sushi, of course not neglecting the classic delivery staple – pizza.

2. Select a restaurant from the third column’s list of open places in your chosen category.  Options are listed with a price indicator: $ for cheap, $$$ for pricey, so you can get straight to business when you’re on a budget.

3. Make your order by clicking on the dishes you wish to select and then submit.  Type in your address and phone number.  You will then receive a confirmation email with your estimated time of arrival.  Why can’t everything in life be so non-convoluted?

Some other great features to check out:

  • All the menus are offered in English and Spanish.
  • Consumers don’t pay more to use the service.
  • You don’t have to sign up or be a member.
  • Map function clearly displays the delivery area.
  • Live chat function for those quick questions.
  • Covers all of Capital Federal.
  • Restaurants with poor reviews get taken off the site.
  • Don’t deal with the Argie drama – their awesome team does that for you!

In my tireless search for something edible in this city, I had to ask what treasures were to be found on the site.  After all, who better to recommend the best delivery dishes available in Buenos Aires?

 Buenos Aires Delivery recommends:

5. Chicken Tikka Masala at Tandoor Comida de la India

4. Chicken Empandas at Chiara – rumor is their delivery guy is super fast!

3. Green Quinoa Curry at Peru Deli Comida Peruana y Fusión Tailandesa

2. The Mafia Burger at The Green Monster – one of the better vegetarian options available.

1. Don’t forget dessert!  – Try the Crema Mascarpone Ice Cream at Bianca.

With almost three thousand ‘likes‘ on Facebook, BADelivery is blowing up the city.  Right now they’re working on a new design, adding new restaurants and increasing new user incentives.  Check it out for yourselves at BuenosAiresDelivery.com .

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  1. loooooooooove ba-delivery, use it at leat 4-5 times a week, good call on the mafia burger, can’t wait to try the others

  2. We need this in the States!

  3. this is awesome!! Thanks for the info! I am gonna use this all the time now!

  4. I second that– can’t wait to try it!


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