Las Cabras

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It’s Tuesday night at 9:30pm and I’ve been thinking about steak all day long.  Finally I’ve made it to Las Cabras – a popular dinner destination for many a Porteño.  Even early on a Tuesday the large dining room is filled with a loud crowd of young couples on dates, a hysteric group of Argentine girls and some fratty looking American guys sporting Abercrombie & Fitch hoodies.

I try to get comfortable in the low straw chair and wait for my friends to arrive.  Las Cabras’ open dining room has appetite stimulating red accents to it’s earthy green walls and rustic red tables with paper runners and crayons for the kids.  I can’t resist drawing a little picture myself.  Behind me is a large, open Italian style kitchen that overlooks the dining room, while diners overlook the meat sizzling on the enormous grill.

My dinner party arrives – fashionably late unlike myself – and we read the menu.  Cabras offers plenty of variety from grilled meats and veggies, quesadillas and goat cheese – cabra means goat, after all.  This was the first place I’ve seen where you can actually order mate!    The wine list is affordable and unpretentious, and their menu boasts more beer varieties than I’m accustomed to finding on the average Argentine drink list.  We get right to it, and the table shares some chorizo and a goat cheese provoleta with rucula for an appetizer.

Las Cabras Parilla Goat Cheese Provoleta  James and I share a colita de cuadril, which was served with cesar salad.  The clay pottery serving dishes are enormous and heavy, and I like the rustic wooden plates, which are similar to what you’d find at an actual asado.

Nandrin and Tyson split a ‘parrillada completa’ – or complete grill, which included all the trimmings.  It is way too hardcore for me personally, but they seem to enjoy it.

The parrillada comes with chicken, steak, chorizo, blood sausage and some other random animal parts I’m not familiar with ….

We feast on our meat like the blood thirsty carnivores we are and I see now why this place has a such a good reputation.  It is homey, comfortable and friendly.  They have indoor and outdoor seating and the prices are for locals – not tourists – what a treat!

A family celebrating a birthday sings ‘Que Los Cumplas Feliz’ and blows out the candles on a cake while we make our way out the door and into the fresh early spring air of another lovely Buenos Aires evening.

Las Cabras

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  1. Remember when you were a vegetarian? And now the blood thirst is back!

  2. Red meat never looked so good!


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