Arkakaó – A Recoleta Treasure

Posted on August 23, 2011 by Vivi in DESSERT, LUNCH, RESTAURANTS

Arkakao is a charming treasure to be found in the loveliest neighborhood of Recoleta.  I know Palermo is all the rage, and most people want to live there, but I don’t think any part of Buenos Aires can compare to the beautiful marble edifices and french balconies of Buenos Aires’ so called ‘Upper East side’.  Just look at Arkakaó’s beautiful entrance and tell me there is some place you would rather be.

The inside was just as beautiful with its high ceilings and decorative moldings accenting the yellow walls.  Brassy chandeliers lit up three quaint dining rooms.  The decor perfectly captures the essence of Recoleta’s old-world, European charm.

Obviously when you couple such an ideal architectural settings with delicious food, everything is in order for success.  I think the definition of a great meal is one that uses high quality ingredients to make simple food.  Arkakaó’s chef’s are on the same page, and their superb menu has established the restaurant as a popular favorite.

I was there for lunch and tried the smoked salmon sandwich with cream cheese and capers on soft wheat bread.  I was not disappointed.  The sandwich was beautifully plated and carefully prepared with the freshest flavorful ingredients.  Please note the gorgeous china.

The ice cream bar had caught my immediate attention when I entered.  Arkakaó prides themselves on serving all natural ice cream with no added sugars, colors or any artificial flavors or ingredients.

I am constantly staying informed on the long standing ‘Best Ice Cream in BA‘ competition, and Arkakaó proved itself to be a strong contendor.  I tried a scoop of crema de cerezas (cherry cream) and a scoop of flan.  Very very creamy and sweet without being too sugary, which most ice cream in BA tends to be.

We finished up with a coffee.  Arkakaó may be the perfect restaurant, and is a perfect destination for a Saturday stroll through Recoleta.


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  1. Any place that has an ice cream bar is my kinda place!

  2. Dear Vina,
    You are a great writer and that is a wonderful picture of you, BUT how do you make ice cream without sucrose. Too bad they don’t have Blue Bell down there. It would win hands down.
    You missed a great BBQ, Brisket & ribs, we were hoping you would drive in at the last minute. We had peach cobbler for desert. You should have been here to write about it.


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