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Posted on June 7, 2011 by Vivi in VISIT BUENOS AIRES

The heart of Microcentro is Calle Florida, a pedestrian street unlike any other.  This ten-block street is a great place to shop, explore an artisan fair, watch a performance, and grab a bite to eat or do some business.

If you’re in Buenos Aires to do some serious shopping, this is a great place to start.  Smaller boutiques with leather products line the street, as well as countless shoe stores.  If mall shopping is your scene, you cannot miss Galerias Pacifico, a two-story mall beautifully decorated with large mural paintings.  Calle Florida also boasts bookstores, like El Ateneo if you would like to catch up on your Spanish literature.  And of course there are plenty of tourist shops, should you be searching for some souvenirs to take home to your friends.

Calle Florida’s tiled floor is covered with artisans selling handcrafted treasures, such as jewelry, mates or clothing.  Some artisans even sell their own dreadlocks, should you desire to tie one into your own hair.

There is never a dull moment on this busy street, and if you are in the mood for free entertainment, Calle Florida is sure to provide some!  Besides window-shopping, it is common to see mimes posing for pictures, musicians passionately playing their instruments and magicians performing magic tricks for kids.  If you are lucky you might even catch an impromptu tango show.

If you’re hungry, Calle Florida has several restaurant options, ranging from the ever familiar golden arches of McDonalds, to pizza places and sit down restaurants.  If you’re in the mood for something indulgent, check out Havannah for coffee and try one of their famous alfajores, or Fredo for some creamy ice cream to cool you down on a hot day.

If you need to go to a bank, exchange money, purchase a cell phone or a calling card, Florida provides amenities for all of these needs.  When in doubt of where to find something, this street is always a good place to start!  Chances are you will find whatever you need in one of its many shops.

The street is very busy especially if you hit it at rush hour.  You will feel like a local while you join the packs of people, leisurely passing through, smoking cigarettes and chatting.  Calle Florida is no place to rush.  Enjoy the shopping, shows and real taste of Argentine culture that this wonderful street has to offer!

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  1. 6 years ago Calle Florida was my 1st experience in BsAs! I will never forget walking down this famed street.


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