It’s Electric

Posted on April 4, 2011 by Vivi in MUSIC & VIDEOS

Someone once described Buenos Aires as an energy field.  As Lucas and drove me home this evening during an enormous electric storm I contemplated this.  The rain held off as colossal neon bolts lit up layers of gray nimbusi, creating a spectacular and frightening show.  Buenos Aires often as electric storms, as if this city’s palpable energy ignites in the sky.

I think the description of BA as an energy field is the most accurate of all descriptions of this place.  The city is full of energy – both positive, with it’s gorgeous architecture harking back to the city’s neo-classical glory days, and equally as negative with it’s memories of a military dictatorship and financial crash.  For those susceptible to an energetic persuasion, the lows are the lowest.  But the highs are the highest.  The city is alive, and you can feel it.  I get caught up in the energy, and under a stormy, lightning charged sky, I too feel alive.

I imagined the storm being serenaded by the Argentine National Anthem, and wanted to share this beautiful song with you.

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  1. “BA as an energy field ” “the lows are the lowest. But the highs are the highest” best description ever


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