Muma’s Cupcakes

Posted on March 29, 2011 by Vivi in DESSERT, RESTAURANTS

I haven’t been so excited about cupcakes since … the last time I had cupcakes – which was really quite awhile ago!  I love Trophy Cupcakes in Seattle, but I hadn’t checked out the BA cupcake scene until one fateful birthday of my coworker Erin.  It was her birthday, but I felt like the lucky one getting to celebrate; like when you were a kid, and you went to a birthday party and the host would give you a gift bag with fun little toys in it.  That was the best.  Cupcakes at work summoned that exact childlike enthusiasm.

Muma’s Cupcakes is a sweet tooth sanctuary in Palermo Soho.  This place is keeping the cupcake craze alive and well in Buenos Aires.

And these aren’t your kiddy funfetti from a box cupcakes, although that would have been good enough for me.  They have great flavors – red velvet, brownie with meringue, banana with dulce de leche, orange cream and lemon pie.  And like any good cupcake should – they arrive dressed in their party best, with pretty colors, sprinkles and frosting.  Muma has muffins too!

They’re pretty pricey at 16 pesos a piece, but they come with this adorable bag!

What a great way to celebrate!  Happy Birthday Erin!  Enjoy this great picture of my attractive coworkers taken before we pigged out on cupcakes.  Yes, I made them take a picture.

Muma’s Cupcakes

Malabia 1680, Palermo Soho

4831 – 3817


  1. Yummmm! Looks amazing. But hasn’t BA heard? Cupcakes are out, pies are in!,_Wa.html

  2. This place is the cutest, I went in asking for a job and they were so sweet but sent me to get my immigration status in order : )

  3. Guess where I am going next month as soon as I land in BsAs???

  4. This is going on my list! The things I would do to have sprinkles in my life again!!

  5. I LOVE Muma’s, we usually go there with my English class’ friends. It has become like a tradition whenever we want to hang out haha. My favourite cupcake is the lemon pie cupcake yuummyyy… delicious!!


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