I’m No Hero – I Did It For Jackie

Posted on January 28, 2011 by Vivi in VIVI'S VIEW

I have seen some weird things in Buenos Aires, like a jungle man wearing a skirt made out of braided trash bags, or a Diana Ross flavored rice product, for example.  But what I saw today at Starbucks was so weird, that I actually approached a young man (despite my fear of teenagers) and asked him if I could photograph his shirt.

He looked at me in total shock, and I was afraid that I had offended him, but as it turned out, he just couldn’t understand my accent.  Typical.

So after someone translated for me, he let me take a picture.  I asked him if he knew the story behind the picture on the shirt.  He had no idea, which for me, made it even weirder that he was wearing it.

Where could you even buy a shirt like this?

“Psycho Killer Arrested.  ‘I’m no hero, I did it for Jackie.'” And then a picture of L.H. Oswald at his press conference.   What!?!?

Can anyone explain this to me?


  1. I think somebody got a bit confused. The “I did it for Jackie” quote looks to have been made by Jack Ruby (who shot Lee Harvey Oswald), rather than by Oswald himself. He wanted to save Jackie Onassis the trouble and pain of returning to Dallas to testify at the trial of her husband’s murderer. Although as with most things about this case, it gets a bit muddled – more info here. The “I’m no hero” bit was was part of a headline in the Daily Sketch on November 25rd 1963, see slide 6 here.

  2. Para mi que no eh, fijense bien que onda con eso

  3. It is a t shirt from Levi’s :p

  4. I have that shirt it’s awesome. It’s levi’s

  5. I have that one. I bought it at a Falabella store, where middle class crap goes buy stuff so they can look upper class. I’m not shocked about a guy wearing it, people usually buys clothes and stuff without even caring about what’s written on it, (“Oh, it’s a Levi’s, that’s cool”) but i actually was surprised to see Levi’s selling this kind of stuff. I just saw your post today, and i think i bought the t-shirt probably during the same week you posted this!


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