Happy Friendsgiving!

Posted on December 16, 2010 by Vivi in VIVI'S VIEW

At The Carniceria

What to buy?

Thanksgiving was never my holiday, but I was never less in the mood for it than I was this year.  Who wants to eat heavy holiday foods when the weather is so hot?  Of course, it just wouldn’t be right to not celebrate at all!  So we Yanquis gathered together on my terrace to celebrate the holiday Argentine style: with an asado.  About twenty five of us gathered together, and had sandwiches of colita de cuadril and of course chori pan.  Yum.  Here are the pictures:

With my student Claudia and coworker Vane!

Ready to Eat

Famous Bronson Tennis and Lovely and Talented Jessica Pollack

Blair brought the picture from Seattle just for the occasion!

Miss you, Laura!

The man can start a fire!

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