The Unintentionally Patriotic Birthday Cake

Posted on November 2, 2010 by Vivi in PATISSERIE, RECIPES

Meghan turned 25 on Saturday!  Happy Birthday!

So of course, Laura and I made her a cake.

The cake was made from the exact same recipe as the Nesquik Zucchini Bread.  Only it was baked in a cake dish, not a bread pan.

After letting the cake cool, we cut it in half to be filled.

I was adventerous and attempted to make my own buttercream frosting.  After making it, I now know that I should never again eat it.  It is literally butter and sugar.  I guess that is no surprise with a name like buttercream.  Unfortunately I don’t have an electric mixer … and I do not recommend trying to make this without one.

And since I love fruit, strawberry filling was the verdict.

I diced the berries, and let them sit with a little vanilla until they were juicy.

Then on the bottom layer of the cake I spread a thin layer of frosting and topped with the strawberries.

Then very carefully placed the other cake layer on top, creating a yummy cake sandwich.  mmmmmmmmm….

Then the hardest part – icing the cake.  The icing was really sticky, making the task quite difficult, and the end result was unfortunately homely.  Ew.

So I had to cover it up with decorations.  I used strawberry slices for the borders, and blue sprinkles were my final touch.

When I finished I realized that the cake was red white and blue.  I guess I had my homeland on my mind during the weekend before elections.  Or nostalgia for France.

Either way, I think they liked it.

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m really proud of my first cake made 100% from scratch!  It was delicious.


  1. get on home and make me a pecan pie girl!

  2. looks like so much fun!!!! i miss you guys <3


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