Tell Me, Why Can’t This Be Love?

Posted on October 24, 2010 by Vivi in DESSERT, RESTAURANTS

Don’t tell, but I’m having an affair.  I think I’m in love.

Persicco Ice Cream Buenos Aires Helado Palermo

With you. Yes you, Persicco.

I can’t stop thinking about you.  These naughty thoughts won’t leave my mind.  I give you lustful glances when I pass you in the street.  I try to act like I don’t want you.  But I want you so badly.

Persicco Ice Cream Buenos Aires Helado Microcentro

Yes, you Persicco.  I want you so bad, its driving me mad (its driving me mad). I want YOU!  You and your creamy goodness.  You and your fifty flavors.  I’ve never met anything like you.  They sure don’t make ’em like you where I come from.

Persicco Ice Cream Buenos Aires Helado Best

Stop teasing me with your Chocolate Goldoni.  You know how Frutilla Ganizada drives me wild.  I’ll never forget when you surprised me with Bacciola.  An ice cream by any other name could never taste as sweet.

And you’re so rich.  Yet so expensive.  Te quiero mucho.

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