On a Bizarre Argentine Music Video

Posted on September 3, 2010 by Vivi in MUSIC & VIDEOS

I saw this once, and my life hasn’t been the same since.

Actually that is a huge exaggeration, but watch it anyway.

The video commences with Emmanuel wears his sunglasses at night in a cab because he is just so cool that he doesn’t mind looking like a total fool.

He reaches his destination: his girlfriend’s house.  Upon ringing the doorbell he discovers that his girlfriend isn’t quite ready, so he follows his cab driver into a crowded and totally hopping club filled with more black people than I have ever seen in Buenos Aires.  Emmanuel makes his way through the club and returns to the street, where prostitutes solicit him.  (Usually that happens the other way around).  A few poorly directed quick shots later, he becomes involved in a knife fight, which inspires so truly terrible dancing with some skanked out prostitutes.  The he’s on the move again, receiving a fortune and giving a kiss to an Asian girl which inspires some more hopping/dancing that is so lame that it make Napoleon Dynamite look legitimately cool by comparison.

Finally Emmanuel returns to his completely oblivious, naïve girlfriend who is now ready for their date.

Imitating Prince’s apathetic mannerisms, but with no bad-ass jumping splits in healed boots to back it up … can’t say that I like you Senior Horvilleur – but you inspire infinite snarky comments.

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  1. Your Argentine musical tastes are awful.

    Go to the website Muzicforums, and search the threads “Random noises from Latin America”, “Only for Spanish speakers”, “La Mosca”, “Redonditos de Ricota”, “Los Fabulosos Cadillacs” and “Soda Stereo”.

    American music is ashamed by the last two decades of Argentine music.


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