NoLita, A Great First Impression of Chilean Cuisine

Posted on August 23, 2010 by Vivi in TRAVEL

For our first official dinner in Santiago we chose NoLita Restaurant, which was recommended by our hotel doorman.  NoLita is located in the lovely Las Condes neighborhood of Santiago de Chile.

The unassuming yellow house on the corner appears modest yet classy, but upon entering NoLita we were pleasantly surprised by the colorful sculptures and glass décor.  Large vases held fresh giant roses, making the entire restaurant smell faintly of sweet fragrant flowers.  We were seated on the second floor and greeted with a delicious bread basket to nosh while we poured over the menu.

NoLita’s varied menu boasted risottos, pastas, fish and meats, with an extensive list of appetizers, soups and salads, all with mouth-watering descriptions written in Spanish and English.

I ordered a green salad, with spinach, radichette and other mixed greens, lightly drizzled with oil and a mustard vinagrette.

For the main course I chose crab stuffed cannelloni.  The baked pasta was filled with crab meat mixed with ricotta.  The pasta was smothered in red sauce, sat on a base of cream sauce, and topped with melted cheese.  Surely loaded with calories, but since I hadn’t had seafood in quite awhile it was a delicious treat!

My mother had the asparagus soup, which was the most beautiful green soup I had ever seen!

And for her main course she ordered grilled chicken with artichokes.  The dish was plated beautifully and smelled amazing.

For dessert we all shared some chocolate ice cream.  It was especially creamy.  Mmmmm.

NoLita is the total dining package.  The ambiance is simultaneously upbeat but calm.  The lighting warm but not bright.  The extensive menu was creative; everything on it sounded appealing.  Chefs prepare the food artfully and the results are absolutely delicious.  Portion sizes were satisfying but not stuffing.  Our waiter tended to our table professionally and his pleasantness perfected the experience.  He even made efforts to speak English with my parents and attended our table faithfully, managing never to interrupt a conversation.

Our great waiter

NoLita is a perfect 10!


Isidora Goyenchea 3456

El Golf – Santiago – Chile


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  1. Are you sending these to magazines for publishing? You are the perfect travel writer! Dinner looked lovely and you must have been so excited to see your folks. Hugs to all!


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